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When you've got a tough job, leave it to us -- the grading experts. From excavation to septic installs, we do it all from A to B ( no pun intended)! If you need a plot cleared and leveled, we can do it. How about demolition services? Not to worry; we've got you covered! We can haul and clear any site with ease. Plus, we offer a comprehensive range of services that include waterline installation, septic tank cleaning and more!

You're never alone with the team at A2B Contracting LLC! Take a moment to explore our full range of services below. Call us today at (864) 546-1009 for a free estimate!

Finish Grading

As a grading company, this service is what we do best! We specialize in traditional grading as well as finish grading services to provide a level, even surface with proper drainage outlets.

Utility Install

From water meter installation services to electrical and cable installs, leave it to your experts at A2B Contracting LLC! Call us today at (864) 546-1009 to learn more about our utility installation services.

Cutting Driveways

Overtime, driveways can begin to show wear. Cracks develop and even crumbled areas can form. If that sounds familiar, we can provide a solution with our driveway cutting services!

Land Clearing

From job sites to residences overcrowded with trees and obstructions, leave it to our team to provide expert land clearing services! We can remove brush, debris, trees and more!


In need of demolition services? We're on it! We can knock down old houses and other building structures with ease. Plus, you won't have to worry about a mess left behind because we've got trucks to haul away excess dirt, trash and debris.

Septic Installation

With our experience in dirt work and grading, it's only natural that we can take care of your septic tank installation needs. We can locate and repair sewer and water lines with ease, or install new ones!

Sod Installation

Let our guys improve the beauty and health of your outdoor space with our sod installation services.

House pads

For new home construction jobs, having the proper dirt work performed is crucial before house pads can be incorporated. And that's just what we do! We grade and level surfaces to prep them for house pads aka slabs.

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